Exodus Graphics

Printing Imagination

Whatever ideas you can envision, whatever printing needs you have in mind, Exodus has the expertise and creativity to help you bring your ideas to life.

Pick a card, any card…

First impressions are lasting impressions and the trick to creating impact is having a well designed and produced business card. The real magic is in the details and we make use of a variety of special finishes like foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and spot coatings. 

The foundation of our work…

Many Canadian Hospital Foundations work with Exodus and they truly appreciate the care we take when managing their cost efficient printed documents. When given the opportunity, we always strive to enhance the production details and never shy away from trying something new.  

Condo, condo, condo …

Toronto has the largest condominium growth in the entire world. We are honoured that many developers trust their important collateral documents to us. Exodus can become part of the design process by introducing our creative support and suggesting special treatments and finishing which will set their projects apart from the rest. 

We are pleased to report...

Annual reports have always been one of the most important printed documents of publicly traded companies. Successful AR production and printing is about working hard, working late and working fast. With the experience of over 150 reports produced under our watch, our many clients rely on this experience to make the process go smoothly. We are pleased to report that we always make delivery.

Special Projects: Sunnybrook Foundation Advancement Plan

The Sunnybrook Foundation gave us the opportunity to produce their Sustainable Advancement Plan. This time sensitive report consisted of a case-bound linen wrapped cover. To enhance the look of the front cover we applied a satin silver and clear foil stamping. The interior contained a personalized document with a de-bossed cover, text pages with die-cut tabs. A custom engraved Cross pen nested into the spine completed the document. Production time…7 days.

Go big or go home!

Large-format has now become one of our fastest growing specialties. We love the challenge and diversity of each project because no two are the same. What goes up must eventually come down and aside from printing on really big surfaces our team of installers are at the ready for a safe installation & removal. 

Rumours of the death of printing have been greatly exaggerated…

Despite the growth of the ever popular iPad and ebooks there is something very special about a beautifully crafted case bound book. Hold it in your hands, feel the texture, the weight and smell the ink. We take great care when producing these lasting documents however we mostly take pride when we are given the opportunity. Long live print!

Special Projects: 2007 President Cup

It's not often that we get to work on a cool projects like the Presidents Cup event document for CTV. The exterior case featured a two-tone linen wrapped cover which contained a case wrapped book. The document featured UV printing, foil stamping, a de-bossed image on the front cover and "French" folded text pages. We scored a hole in one with CTV.

Special Projects: CTV 2010 Vancouver Olympics Invitation

CTV wanted to invite some of their sponsors to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and created this amazing piece. The outer case was wrapped in pearlized "shine" and printed with metallic inks, spot gloss UV coating and a foil stamp. Inside contained a variety of cool elements all affixed to a red Plike stock which was case wrapped and die-cut. A concealed magnet enclosure held everything in place. The judges at CTV were pleased with our performance.